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Substance abuse is a significant problem for many adults in Northern Utah. The constant struggle and cycle of addiction makes detox extremely difficult for many who regularly abuse alcohol and other drugs. But hope is possible at Davis Hospital and Medical Center in Layton, UT.

Through a unique inpatient medical stabilization service known as New Vision, patients at Davis Hospital and Medical Center undergo medically supervised detoxification and withdrawal management. A typical inpatient stay lasts three to five days. During the medical stabilization process, a team of experience healthcare professionals will manage the stabilization and withdrawal process. This team includes a medical doctor and nursing personnel. Both individualized and multidisciplinary "approaches" are used to promote successful recovery.

An inpatient stay includes:

Who is a candidate for New Vision™ medical stabilization?

An inpatient medical stabilization program like New Vision may be beneficial to any adult
patient with alcohol, prescription medication or drug dependency—including those who meet some of the following criteria:

What You Should Know About New Vision™?

New Vision is neither a residential nor an outpatient treatment program. New Vision services are exclusive to three to five day inpatient detoxification and discharge planning. There are no counseling or psychiatric services offered in the New Vision program. Patients with acute psychiatric needs may be admitted to another program. Also, New Vision is not intended for use in pregnant patients.

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